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What services do you provide?

The Poster Printing Co. provides high quality poster printing services FAST. We use the best quality printers and inks in the business to provide stunning posters at competitive rates. Our online ordering system is the easiest in the business, just place your order and your posters will be shipped within HOURS of payment receipt and artwork approval.

How long will my order take to make?

We aim to have your posters printed within hours of receiving payment and artwork. Our production times depend on the size and quantity of posters orders. For detailed turnaround times for each poster size and order quantity, please check the individual poster pages.

Once you have placed your order we will generally keep you updated as your order progresses through each stage. If you haven’t received any notifications within a few hours of ordering, please check your spam folder.

How long will delivery take?

Once your posters have been printed and packed (See the “How long will my posters take to make?” section of this Help Guide) they will be shipped via standard post or express courier, with delivery times as follows:

  • For the free standard shipping option please see Australia Post for delivery time estimates.
  • If you have chosen the EXPRESS courier option your posters will arrive the next business day for all Eastern metro locations, and within 2-3 business days for all other metro locations. Remote and rural locations are expected to take 3+ business days for express delivery, but don’t worry, we will contact you if it looks like it is going to take longer!

PLEASE NOTE: Our flat rate prices are dependant on your location so please ensure you enter a delivery address before choosing this option.

Payment methods available

Presently we offer the following payment methods, Direct Deposit and Paypal. We will also accept cash on pickup by prior arrangement only, so if you want to do this, you’ll need to give us a call on 07 5504 7677 (note, we’ll answer the phone as RW Promotion). Payment methods and bank details will be listed once  you place the order and checkout. Accounts may be available for large volume users, contact us. If you are unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Returns & Refunds Policy

We are so sure you will be happy with your posters we even offer a full replacement guarantee!

Due to the custom nature of our products & services, we do not offer refunds, however if you are not happy with your posters simply post them back within a few days, let us know what you were dissatisfied with and we will replace them!

All our different print media types & substrates

Paper stock Standard Satin Poster Stock (200gsm) – Our standard poster paper is a thick, high quality paper stock with a satin finish, giving it a nice feel and accurate colour registration which really makes your artwork stand out.

Paper stock 3m Self-Adhesive Monomeric Vinyl in White or Clear – Our self-adhesive vinyl stock allows you to transform your posters into life size stickers which can turn any surface into a promotional advertising space. This vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of 1y+ or a virtually unlimited indoor life span (depending on UV light) making it perfect for a diverse range of promotional display needs.

Paper stock Synthetic Waterproof Yupo Film (FPU250 200gsm) – This synthetic film is perfect for outdoor promotional display needs or if reusing your posters. Sturdier than regular poster paper, yet cheaper than laminating posters, perfect when you want to roll/reroll your poster to use it repeatedly or if you want a waterproof poster.

Paper stock Vinyl Banner (440gsm) – Want flexible posters? Why not print them on banner material instead! Our banners come with eyelets included and can be used, folded up, rolled, stored and reused as many times as you like! They are perfect for intermittent or seasonal display needs or if you want your poster with eyelets to hang it up. (If you do not want eyelets please specify at checkout).

Paper stock Short Term Self-Adhesive Promotional Vinyl – Our short-term self-adhesive vinyl has a low-tac adhesive, making its removal as easy as pie! Use it to cover a surface for a short amount of time (from a few days to weeks, no longer than 3 months) and when you are ready to remove it there will be no sticky residue left behind.

Paper stock Bannermesh – Bannermesh is the holey stuff you see around construction site fencing. Great as a weatherproof solution to your promotional needs as it will last outdoors while allowing the wind to pass straight through it.

Paper stock 3m Premium Self Adhesive Polymeric Vinyl with matching laminate, in White or Clear – Higher quality than our basic 3m self-adhesive vinyl with an extra layer of scratch and UV resistant protective lamination to ensure an even longer lifespan and brilliant finish.

Paper stock Static Cling in White or Clear – Want a temporary reusable poster that is a breeze to install on your glass windows? Well now it’s easier than ever with our range of Static cling substrate, simply pop it onto the glass, no installation knowledge, experience or clean-up required. Held onto the glass by static, it can be removed and applied many times over without leaving any residue.

Paper stock One-Way Vision (Promovue) – One-way vision allows you to apply your posters to a window or glass surface and still be able to see through and let the light filter in! This is perfect for shop windows for decoration, sales, promotion or simply turning heads!

Paper stock Lightbox Film Self-Adhesive and Non-Adhesive – Used predominately in lightboxes for lit-up advertisements, full colour print on durable high quality translucent waterproof film.

What if my files are huge or won't upload properly?

The Poster Printing Co. has our very own hightail file sharing dropbox link, simply click the following link and you can upload your files here up to 2gb. Simply place your order online and let us know in the description that your files are still coming. We’ll hassle you if we don’t see them in a fair amount of time.

How environmentally friendly is the print process?

Here at The Poster Printing Co. the environment is important to us, which is why we opt only for suppliers who use renewable and sustainable plantation paper fibre sources (FSC & PEFC accredited). We also choose to use a latex printer for all our large format printing.

80-90% of large format printers use solvent printers. Solvent ink is essentially highly refined paint which uses harsh solvents as a carrier and to ‘bite’ into the media. Even the term eco solvent actually means economy solvent, not ecological as the printers who use them would make you think.

In contrast, latex uses water as a carrier so there are no fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or toxic waste to dispose of. The ink is cooked on top of the media rather than having to eat into the media with a solvent, which is much better for the environment.

We recycle all of our ink and toner cartridges and even provide a public drop off point for Planet Ark where anyone can drop their used toner cartridges to us for recycling.


Prices are based on artwork being supplied “Print-Ready”

We are printers, not graphic designers, so the file you send will be EXACTLY the image you receive.

We recommend following the below spec’s to ensure the best quality finish for your posters:

  • Ensure each edge has 3mm bleed (on all 4 edges i.e. 6mm total). Bleed is what we call the area that will be cut off the edge to create a perfect edge-to-edge printing look. Allowing 3mm on each edge of bleed will ensure your posters have the best looking finish possible.
  • NO GUIDELINES, NO BORDERS, NO TRIM MARKS & no other print marks on your print-ready artwork. To avoid additional artwork charges and delays, simply provide the artwork in the finished size with the recommended bleed attached. If you want to show us how something should look please send us a separate file with guidelines.
Found A Bug?

Found a bug, or something not working as expected? Please contact us and we will do our best to fix it and get you back on the right track! We love suggestions too!